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Asset Managers
 - AFBS Lunch: Prudential Supervision of Asset Managers

 - AFBS Topics: Market Access for Funds

 - Agreement COB-CFB
 - Investment Funds

 - AFBS Topics MiFID - June 2007

 - MiFID für den Finanzplatz Schweiz?
   M. Maurer, Verband der Auslandsbanken in der Schweiz

 - Implications of MiFID for foreign banks in Switzerland
   M. Raggenbass, KPMG, Zurich

 - MiFID - Umsetzung in Deutschland
   S. Nachtsheim, Verband der Auslandsbanken in Deutschland, Frankfurt a.M.

 - Directive sur les marchés d'instruments financiers
   O. Motte, Calyon, Paris

Protection of the private sphere
 -  Bank customer confidentiality

 -  Money laundering
 -  Due diligence
Training and Education
European Union
Financial Markets
Account opening